Why I'm Running

When seeking a leadership position, it is not always the most experienced or most "qualified" that is most effective. A role like State Assembly Member requires a person with relationship building skills. Someone that can collaborate and work with colleagues to advance legislation that will benefit NYC, while also reaching out and being accessible to district residents and ensuring their voices are being heard. Likewise, relationships should be forged with thought leaders and community activists with bold solutions to the issues that plague our community. It's time for new leadership, politics, as usual, has left us stuck. We have representatives who are at the mercy of Real Estate Developers and other big-ticket donors, while I just want to represent the people. I am the best person to represent our district because I have a new and fresh approach to tackling issues like affordable housing, living wage, a path to citizenship, criminal justice, homelessness, parental alienation, mental health issues, education and many others. I'm not the same ole, same ole. I don't just talk a good game, show up to an event, give a speech and bounce. I stay and I roll up my sleeves, engage and share ideas. I am a community participant. I sit on the board of 596 acres advocating for community land access. I teach aspiring entrepreneurs through the services of WIBO training to support new and future business owners. I also manage 70 leaders and lead 557 young women to reach for their dreams and be an active part of this community. I am Tamika Mapp and I am asking for your vote Thursday, September 13, 2018. I will be your Mapp to District 68's future!

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